Our company offers solutions for your chimney problems, provides you the best service with different solutions to your problems. TSE, CE, ISO and OHSAS certificates reveal the difference in quality understanding.

"MEBA BACA" is registered trademark of Marmara Mekanik.

Marmara Mekanik accepts continuous improvement and customer-oriented structuring as the absolute basis of quality policy. Mechanical chimney, ventilation and steel construction systems production and assembly within the scope of customer satisfaction principle, accepted as the objective and mission of quality policy, constantly renewing itself with the corporate structure aims to make its activities efficient and effective.

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"“Meba Baca is registered trademark of Marmara Mekanik.”"

All products and services have CE, TSE, ISO and OHSAS certificates.




 Our company is the dealer of Composite Chimney (Furanflex) in Istanbul and Thrace Region. For ...

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Marmara Mekanik have been manufacturing high quality pre-fabricated chimney systems in Turkey for ov...

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Chimney Silencers

Chimney silencers are used to provide noise absorption in flue systems. It is produced from stainle...

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